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Done my cbt with Steve and my mod1 and mod2 with Norman who got me through both first go ! An excellent bunch of lads. Norman knows exactly what’s needed and gave me some great advice that ultimately got me through. Can’t thank you all enough. Ian

Ian Dignam

Had a fab morning learning the basics. The 2 instructors have the patience of a saint. Will b back soon

Tracey Marlow

Having pretty much no motor vehicle experience at all i came to easy rider to learn how to ride they were very patient and went out of their way to accommodate me i've had a few solo rides now and it's all coming together nicely can't recommend these fellas enough.

Jonathan Noggsy Norris

Have not had the same experience that previous reviewers had. The instructor spoke to me ( and the others) in a patronising and condescending manner and even thought it was appropriate to comment to me that I'd left having children a bit late! I was full of nerves but I do not feel the instructor did very well to calm them, just exacerbated them with his attitude.

Lori Bee

Had my CBT today! Steve was great! Very informative and made you feel comfortable! Will be back very soon for my direct access!! Excellent training school!

Joe Ely

These guys were fantastic. They took me through my CBT twice 5 years apart then my full big boy liscence great instructors, friendly and alot of banter. Cheers guys!

Tom Leyland

I passed my cbt and did a direct access course which i passed my mod 1&2 first time ...

Michael Old

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