• Pre CBT = £70
  • CBT = £180
  • All other courses are charge at £70 per 2hr 30min

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CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)

This is a legal requirement (you have to) by law in order to ride on the road and it can only be done by a DVSA approved training body (ATB) You can do a CBT from the age of 16 to 99 providing you have a UK provisional or full driving licence.

A1 licence. (Light bike)

Take your motorcycle A1 test from the age of 17 upwards. This allows you to take of your L plates carry a passenger and allowed on motorways plus you never have to do another CBt.

A2 licence (restricted)

At the age of 19 to 24 this licence allows you to ride a restricted brake horse power (BHP) of no more than 46.6 bhp for two years you are allowed to go on motorways and carry a passenger. Most bikes from 90bhp can be restricted.

A licence (full bike)

At the age of 24 upwards you can do a DAS (direct access scheme) this licence allows you to ride any motorcycle on are roads you can carry passengers go on any motorways you can upgrade your A2 licence if you Have held it for two years or reached 24 years of age

Refresher lessons

This is a lesson designed to give A licence holders some valuable training if you haven’t ridden for some years or just need to brush up on your rider skills.


This course is for people who have never rode a motorcycle or scooter before and need that little bit moor before thay do a CBT it tends to take the pressure away and its very good for people who would like to see if they like it on two wheels ( give it a go sort of thing )

125 conversion

For when you would like to move from a scooter ( automatic ) to a manual clutch and gears
( motorbike )

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