Refreshers Course

Which Easy Rider Road Skills course should I choose?

"I haven’t used my bike for a while and I’d like to revive and strengthen my riding skills…"

Your best option would be our Easy Rider Level 1 course covering 2 days which will allow you to get the feel of the bike again on our private training area. You will be assigned a dedicated Easy Rider trainer who will monitor your progress in terms of skill and how much control you display over the bike. After that, you will be taken back on the road with a set of simple instructions so that we can assess where your weaknesses and strengths lie. Be prepared to ride approximately two hundred miles on this mini course. When you have completed the course we will advise you, where necessary, how to improve your riding skills.

"I ride my bike regularly but would like to improve my existing skills and learn some new ones….”

Our Easy Rider Level 2 course is ideal for the experienced intermediate rider who puts in some time on the bike annually but not over long distances. It’s also a good course for anyone who feels they may have lapsed into bad habits, in some cases without realising what they are. You will spend 3 days with a dedicated Easy Rider trainer who will assess the skills you already have and identify any bad habits that you may have acquired. When these issues have been resolved, the trainer will put you through your paces with exercises from the Police Rider’s Handbook (Roadcraft).and will include more advanced riding skills to improve your positioning on the road, observation and overtaking. At the end of this 400 mile course you will be riding your bike more smoothly and safely.

"I am a very experienced rider but I’d like to learn more advanced riding techniques…"

The best choice to make is our Easy Rider Level 3 course which is specifically geared to regular riders who have been riding for several years. You will have already developed some excellent skills through experience and you will be assigned a dedicated Easy Rider trainer to accompany you on the 600 or so miles of interesting routes that you will cover on the course. The routes chosen will be challenging but at the end you will have learned all the techniques necessary to qualify as a RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclist. If you wish we can arrange the RoSPA test for you by extending your time with us for an additional day. Our success rate is extremely high on passes even if we do say it ourselves. For more information about RoSPA testing click here.


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