Compulsory Basic Training: (CBT)

This is a legal requirement. You must have a CBT to ride on the road unsupervised. The course consists of a number of elements all designed to give you an understanding of the scooter or motor bike, up to 125cc depending on your age.

Your CBT

The first part consists of a talk about clothing from a safety aspect. Then you will be shown over the bike or scooter you will be using for your CBT.

Next you will learn to ride your chosen vehicle through a number of different exercises all designed to give you control and a better understanding of how your chosen vehicle works.

After lunch there will be a brief talk about the rules of the road and what you should do. Then you will be taken out on the road for a minimum of two hours to put into practice everything you have learned on the course.

At the end of the course you will be issued with your CBT if you have reached the required safety level.

For some people this is the first time they have ever ridden and may need extra training. We do not charge them for a fully day, they are charged on an hourly rate, most need an extra hour or two.